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A non historical collaboration knife

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Hi everyone. Usually I like to make historical inspired blades, but this time I made a project with a friend of mine here in Brazil and it came out quite beautiful in my opinion.

This knife was made in collaboration with the fellow bladesmith Bruno Malagi.
He skillfully forged the blade out of almost 1300 layers of 15N20 and 5160 steels and then I made the handle, the sheath and the ferrule.
The wood used is ebony and the ferrule is a piece of 100-200 years old wrought iron from England.
The carvings were all made using a rotary tool and carving knives and depicts Urnes style animal and tendril ornamentation.
Overall length (withouth the sheath): 41,3cm.
Overall length (with the sheath): 44,0cm.
Blade length: 26,0cm.
Blade width: 4,1cm.
Sheath width: 4.5cm.
Blade thickness at the ricasso: 0,5cm.

Now to the photos!








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Usually I see people make a sheath that isn't up to the same level as the blade. It's rare that I see a sheath (and fittings) that look too nice for the blade like this one!

I'm pretty sure the blade is exquisite and it's just the lighting that leaves me guessing about it.

Anyway, I really love that carving. Especially how you carried it across the guard/ferrule area from handle to sheath. Superb work, Vinicius!

(do you mind if I call you Vinny?)

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Thank you guys!
Joshua, you can call me Vinny, of course (I know my name can sound hard for non-latin languages). And I agree with you about the sheaths and blades, usually most people make the sheaths just to carry the blade and I think it is also a part of the work. But thank you for the comments, buddy!

Wesley, is get out really slender and I had to use all of my patience to don't destroy the sheath. each side of it has walls thinner than 2mm thick.

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