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Custom Santoku

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Hi Gents


This custom Santoku has a blade of 0-1, a blade length of 150mm, 3mm thick on the spine, a full flat grind and is finished with a forced mustard patina. The bolster is buffalo horn with brass spacers front and back. The handle is made from Albizia wood, the pictures really don't do it justice. When you catch the grain in direct light it shimmers and has a beautiful 3 dimensional quality. The overall length of the knife is 285mm and it tips the scales at 145g.

Thank you for taking the time to look and your comments and questions are always very welcome.


All the best




DSCF5028.jpgfree photo hosting


DSCF5029.jpgfree photo hosting


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DSCF5034.jpgfree photo hosting

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I did some test cutting on some veg and an onion and it really was a pleasure to use. it's hard to grasp just how light this knife is at 145g it didn't feel like it had enough weight behind it, but it realty did cut like a laser guided feather.

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