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Kevin Klein

Damascus Fighter

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Up for sale is a project I have dubbed Walnut Thief.

This fighting knife has an edge length of 8 5/8" and an OAL of 13 3/4". The guard is carved from phosphor bronze while the collar is fabricated from mokume, made with silver, copper, and two shibuichi alloys. I made the mokume and cast the shibuichi alloys. The spacers are silver, the handle is made from a beautiful piece of flamed walnut, and the blade is made from my own damascus. The leather sheath is inlaid with black stingray skin, front and back. The catch on the front matches the guard.
The price of the project is $3,200
Thank you for looking :-)
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You have some fantastic lines on this knife, and I really love that multicoloured mokume

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Thank you Clifford and Kenneth. I don't really have a very thorough WIP series. Is there anything particular you are curious about Kenneth?

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I second the WIP photos, specifically how you got the dimensional aspect to the guard.

That whole knife is just too pretty for words, but the lines on the guard are just awesome.

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