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This is my attempt to make a reconstruction of the Mammen axe.



The body of the axe is made from mild steel, with welded blade of 0,65% carbon steel


The workpiece



Еngraving and inlaying of side with "bird" ornamentation







Inlaying of other side




In compare with drawing of authentic axe


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That my friend is the mutts nuts, as we say over this side of the pond. The axe head is beautiful enough, but the inlay work takes it to another level.

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that just blows me away. I don't know how to top that. what a great piece of smithing and inlay.

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That is one of those artifacts that needed to be reproduced, and you have done an exceptional job of it. I too would love to see the inlay tools you used.

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Holy crap, that looks amazing!

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I agree, I don't remember the top of this thread too well, it is early. But, please show us the tools you used to cut the channels, undercut, and also to set the wire. Please.


Don't worry, I don't think I could copy that work if you held my hands and gave me your tools and made my hands move for me.

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