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I just finished these two little guys last week. Both are made from high-carbon steel (farrier's rasps). And just in time for Christmas, these adorable knives are looking for their forever owners. Are you the kind of person who can give a good knife a loving home? Please keep in mind, these aren't display pieces. They were made and meant to be used. The best compliment you could ever give me is to tell me how much you like using your knife.


Knife #1 is 6 1/2" inches long, with maple and black walnut scales, and 1/8 inch brass pins. Made to be a good every day carry knife, with jimping on the spine and a finger notch for when you need more control.


Knife #2 is 7 1/2" inches long, with rosewood scales and 1/8 inch brass pins. The handle is a little wider at the pommel, and it's very comfortable in your hand.


Asking $100.00 for either. Haggling is acceptable and expected, of course.


I don't have sheaths for them, because I'm out of decent leather at the moment. HOWEVER, I had the fortune to meet an excellent leather worker in Idaho Falls. I've seen his work firsthand, and his prices are good. I'd be happy to pass his name along if you desire.


Terms are pretty simple:

  • I'm located in McCammon, Idaho. Cash accepted from in-person transactions only. Cashier's checks or money orders for all others.
  • Buyer pays shipping if necessary. Since the buyer pays the shipping, they also determine how it gets shipped, and I'm willing to ship worldwide.
  • Buyer is responsible for compliance with their local laws.

I respond to PMs or email at buck.hedges@gmail.com.


You can see more pictures (including some of when these were under construction) at facebook.com/stormsforge. You can also message me here. PM me for my phone number and I will get it to you, if you like.


Both knives together.


This is the rosewood handle. First time I've ever worked with rosewood.


Black Walnut and Maple scales. I like the contrast in the colors. I actually REALLY like the feel of this little knife. Maybe the handle could be a bit longer, but for a nice knife you can carry without it getting in the way, I think this one is great. In Nevada, right now, the style is to wear a knife like this in a horizontal sheath on your belt. Buckaroos often use them to castrate cattle. That's the style (and possibly the purpose) I had in mind when I built this one. Of all the set of 5 I started with, I think this is my favorite one.


The dark areas on the blade are reflections of me, and an overhead speaker in the ceiling. I polished them from 36 grit up to 1200, and finally buffing wheel.


Closeup of the handle. Both knives were hand-rubbed with linseed oil when I was finished.


Nice shiny blade.


The Rosewood-handled knife.





Truth simply is. Whether you like that truth or not is totally irrelevant.


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