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First Knife, but not mine


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I have to brag a little, My oldest daughter is a junior in college, majoring in engineering. She and her BF decided to make each other something for Christmas this year and since I was exploring knife making and had some tools and material she thought it was the perfect opportunity to make something he will certainly not be expecting. She has been working on it over a couple of weekends this month when she was able to make it home. She just called it done today.


I think she did a great job for her first knife, her design was inspired from a bunch of internet searches, now she wants to keep it since it is her first and see if she has time to make another for him before Christmas. She started the new one today. I am really happy she is enjoying it, but my supplies are going more quickly :-)




1095 Steel, Black Palm Scales, etched with Ferric Chloride from Radio Shack

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My job is to train young engineers to function in the real world, and I love it when someone comes to me with the ability to make things. The ones that can work with their hands always make the best design engineers. I bet your daughter has a bright future :)


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Way better than the first knife I made....that one should make you proud....and who knows maybe she will make a special one just for you as well

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