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First(ish) knife

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Last year I had my first stab at this lark with a little knife I made out of an old file. I was quite proud of it at the time, but in retrospect it was...awful.


So this is my second go (which I'm calling my first). 1084 with a mystery eucalyptus handle and copper pins, and a forced patina (orange > salsa > orange). Stock removal with a 'Gough' filing jig for the bevels, and heat treated in time-honoured beginner fashion with a charcoal and hairdryer 'forge', canola oil, and the kitchen oven :-)


There are lots of issues with it, and I learnt a lot from my mistakes along the way, but I reckon it's not too bad for this stage of the game...


No. 1 In sheath.jpgNo. 1 with sheath.jpgNo. 1 with patina.jpg

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" and I learnt a lot from my mistakes along the way"

That spells success in my book.

Keep that knife and use the heck out of it. It still has more lessons to give. I like the shape of it.

Looks really good for a second attempt and I agree with Alan about the leather sheath. That looks pretty good too.

Welcome to the forum and welcome to the craft.

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