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Gundrid's Seax

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This is a piece for Heather day Gilbert author of a Viking fiction trilogy . Handle is peachwood and beef bone, Copper bolster. Brass&silver butt cap with Lapis Cabochon . Blade is forged 5160. Gundrid is the main character The book " God's daughter" a Good read not a sappy unresearched chic book.











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Without a doubt, some of the best carving work I've seen. In particular the sheath. Very nice shape on the knife as well. Good job!

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Thanks for the compliments ! I really surprised myself with the designs, I studied the designs on the relics from the sutton hoo burial for inspiration. I never tried the anthromorphic ( I think thats correct) designs before this job, I did the handle with no pattern just penciled it on as I went. I did sketch the scabbard design and tried to make sure it was mirror image and interwoven correctly. The knotwork band I copied from a web site of celtic designs. I'm looking forward to doing another one perhaps I can do better. I have 5 bar twist blade forged up . If I can ever get done with RR spike knife Christmas orders !

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Damn, that is good work!


I mean it. I wish I could do leatherwork and carving like that.


How did you clean out the fullers? That is the one thing I would suggest for improvement. Maybe make a piece of hard wood with the diameter you want (or the contour, I should have said). Then wrap 100 grit or 200 grit around it and hold the paper tight against it and go at the fullers until they are smooth along their entire length.


I made a big variable speed die grinder into a tool for those fullers by hose-claming a guide finger that I can adjust to it. That lets me ride the finger along the spine, and use cutting wheel to do the work. Then, turn the machine way down for the first part of the finishing work.


Please don't think I am nit-picking, I love this piece. I am really impressed by it. Just mentioning the fuller thing in case it helps.

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