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Fuller Sanding Blocks WIP

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I recently decided to try making some cast fuller sanding blocks and I thought I’d share how I went about it. I’m really pleased with how well they work. PVC pipe is measured in ID and lines up nicely with the wheel sizes I generally use for fullers. I made a 1.5”, 2” and 3” block using the corresponding PVC pipe sizes.


For the casting material I used Smooth-Cast 300. It is a 1:1 casting resin with a finished Shore hardness of 70. It is inexpensive, mixes easily and sets up quickly. I purchased it from Amazon: https://goo.gl/Wha5ga.




I prepped the PVC by cutting it into 4” sections and then splitting it in half lengthwise. Here are my 3 mold forms.




In order to secure a wooden block to the top, I embedded 2 stainless screws. I created a reusable card stock template for placing the screws so that the spacing would be the same on all the blocks.




To make the ends of the molds I first put on a layer of masking tape and then strengthened it with a little duct tape. I then sprayed the inside of the mold with some WD40 to act as a release agent.




This is the mold ready to pour. It is filled thought the opening left in the middle of the template.




The filled mold curing.




…and after cured.




I took the cured blocks and ground the sides flat, cleaned the ends up a bit, added a little texture to the sanding face and trimmed the mounting lugs.






I then used some epoxy to mount the wooden top to the block and they were ready for use. Here are the well used 2” and 3” blocks.






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very clever!

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homemadetools guy here, not a spammer (PROOF: 400+ forums that know us)

Just a note that we featured Mschneider's build in our newsletter, fully credited and properly linked of course. We're admirers of this forum, we have 52 of your homemade tools indexed so far, each one fully credited to its builder: 52 homemade tools from BladesmithsForum.com.


I hope we've been able to bring you lots of visitors. Cheers.

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