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Christmas gift ( not a knife )

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Hi all,

i am making a gift for my wife. I make a ancient Viking boardgame. The HNEFATAFL .


The board is from oak wood. 48 x 48 x 3 cm.








Carving with burned backround a round the board. In the middle a round viking knotwork. And in the middle of the four sides a viking boat.



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That's a beautiful piece.I'm sure she'll love it. I never thought of wood burning like that! That would make a nice picture frame too! Never herd of Tafl either! I just keep learnin new stuff. Tafl sounds like a klingon dish LOL. Does the loser of this game get pillaged, or a blood eagle

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that looks impressive. I don't know a thing about that game, though. Good dedication

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Even if you do not play the game it would be a wonderful conversation piece to have on a coffee table.  Love the intricate work that you have put into the game board. 

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Wow, that is outstanding! The hours of work that one has taken is unimaginable! Two thumbs up!

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