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I tried the search feature but could not located this. I know it's been covered before.

Seeing that it is Christmas time, If Santa could bring me a new forge, what should I ask for.

Must be able to handle knives up to size of Bowie knives, must be able to get to forge welding temps.


Other than that, I am open.

So shoot.

I have looked at the Diamondback (I Like the Price). Love the Chili Forges (Don't like the prices).



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The best forge is the one that is custom built to your needs and wants. You'll save a ton of money and likely have a bit of fun building your own. Santa can bring you the parts; insulating blanket, propane regulator, gift card to hardware store for pipe and fittings, etc.

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Yup, what Jerrod said.


I actually supply the family with a spreadsheet with links for all the obscure crap I want for Christmas so they can buy me the odd bits of hardware I need to build things. It makes them happy to have something to wrap, and keeps them from getting me ties.

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The best forge is the forge that you use and fits your needs.

​Check out the attachments on the Forge Supplies Page at www.WayneCoeArtistBlacksmith.com.

You can build a better forge for way less money that better fits your needs.

For the requirements that you indicate I would suggest a forge built from a 20# Propane bottle with a 6" Ribbon Burner.


Let me know if I can help you.



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