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-SOLD- M3e(0) Lecküchner style Messer -SOLD-

Tom Kinder

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Just finished a Elmslie type 3e (0) messer in Lecküchner style and it needs a good home.
Hand forged out of 80crv2 steel hardened and tempered to 56-57HRC
guard, pommel, and nagle are mild steel.
grip scales are 5000 year old bog oak sealed with beeswax and hand buffed to a dark gloss
maker's mark is hand inlaid copper
this is a very agile yet powerful double clipped messer with point on center-line for improved thrust accuracy.
Overall length 33" / 83.82cm
blade length: 26 7/8" / 68.2625cm
back edge sharpened for 16" / 40.64
blade width 2" / 5.08cm
grip length 4.25" / 10.795cm but the pommel gives a little extra room for those with big paws
weight 2lbs 6oz / 1077.2819g
Point of Balance 4" / 10.16






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I made one with a very similar profile, and sold it for about the same price. Whomever buys your sword will be getting a wonderful deal. That is a good job of smithing and cutlery. I am not a collector, just a smith. But, I see quality in that, and I hope that someone buys it soon. It is a very good deal at that price!

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