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Sometime ago I started to carve a piece of antler with some Urnes style motifs, but I didn't want it to be a viking age knife, but more of a crossover with a modern kitchen knife.
Then, every time I had some rest in the shop, such as when the commissions were being tempered, while the glue dried, or when it was too late to start forging in the middle of a crowded neighborhood, I progressed it a little.
The blade was forged from a piece of 1070 steel, the handle is red deer antler with Urnes decoration, as well as the bovine leather sheath. The tang was glued in the handle with cutlers resin.
Overall lenght is 25,4cm, exactly 10 inches.
It has a 13,4cm cutting edge, or 5 1/4".
The blade thickness is 2mm.

Hope you enjoy it.










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Awesome work the marrying of the two, the Viking inspired handle and the more modern kicthen style knife works well. I can only imagine the work that went into that handle. My hat is off to you! hatsoff.gif

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Thank you very much, everyone!
About the handle and the work it took to be done, it was about 10 hours of carving and scraping and polishing. But it is really relaxing to do it with a Dremel and earplugs hehe

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Surely, somewhere amongst the vast number of artifacts from northern Europe there must be a parallel... If not, there should have been...:)

I love everything about it, well done man.

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