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Couple of fighters in progress

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With the recent posts of fantastic inspiring works from Wes,Gary and Robert I thought I would give such a blade a try.


Now im not saying I am going to come anywhere as close as the awsomness of these guys but Im going to give it my best shot...shots



Here they are after heat treatment and soaking in vinigar.


Got lots of hand sanding to go to get rid of the draw file marks but blades are nice and straight and i got a great heat treat.


No rasps here...now i still have to finish a cutlass,hawk for KT and two pig stickers...and work my normal job...not enough time in one life.


Big thaks to wes for advice on harpoon clips.



2016-12-12 08.54.51.jpg

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My pleasure Rob, and I hope it was helpful. I really appreciate the compliments; I don't know that I belong in the same company as Rob and Gary, but it sure is nice of you to say.


I like both of those, but the bottom one is the one I like the most. That is some great forging on both though. Can't wait to see them done!

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Thanks fellas. My favourite is the bottom one though I thought I would try something a bit different for the top one. It has multiple grip options which feel quit OK in he hand but I won't know for sure until I handle it.


It does spin quite nicely on your finger but I better stop that as I can see stitches if I don't.

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