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Nuts, bolts, and gears canister damascus coffin handle bowie

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Carbon steel nuts, bolts, and chopped up gear stock welded in a canister with 1095 and nickle powder, forge-welded-on random pattern 1080 and 1095 cutting edge. Hidden tang ebony handle with 3D printed cast bronze guard and medallions. The Nazz logo is hidden in the medallions.


I've been having a lot of fun with canister damascus recently; I think I'll try to perfect this pattern a bit more, I really like where it's going... not quite there yet though, I want to find smaller carbon steel gearstock, nuts, and bolts. Could have welded on the edge a bit more cleanly - next time I think I'll go with a twisted edge, feels more appropriate for the theme.

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Just saw this on Reddit. Looks pretty cool! Do you concern yourself with keeping the bolts off of the edge, or does the carbon migrate enough that it doesn't matter?

Ninja edit: never mind my question, I can't read...

Edited by Collin Miller
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This is so cool! The medallions and guard have such a cool pattern! Now if only I could actually get my 3D printer to work...

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OK Theo, I have to admit, I always thought your work was pretty bizzarro.

Even so, it is really cool.

Keep it up man and don't ever change.

That is one freakin' cool package.

The color enhancement on the blade really makes it pop.

Edited by Joshua States
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