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Serpenty Serpent - Finished!

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Dear Bladesmithing Brethren,


I have finally finished this sword and sheath. It has been a labour of love... as it's the first sword I've made for myself! There have been disappointments, failures and the chape for the sheath was the most irritating thing I've made so far I think. In all, I'm very happy with it and I am looking forward to it being on the wall in my mancave!


As always, comments and criticism welcome,




IMG_1341 (363x800).jpg


IMG_1342 (800x526).jpg


IMG_1345 (800x230).jpg


IMG_1349 (369x800).jpg


IMG_1350 (800x418).jpg

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My god, James! If the sword wasn't already beautiful enough, you had to bring the sheath into the mix. It flows so well into the handle. Overall, the package has a very Roman-like feel to it that I thoroughly enjoy. Thank you for sharing the process!

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That is stunning! If making a chape is anything like a ferrule (though I'm guessing it's worse), I feel your pain. The engraving on the fittings is a great touch. It's always nice when a piece has a theme to tie it all together, and this is a prime example.

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James that has all come together to make a badass blade! Really like what you've done with the scabbard and hilt fittings, and as has been said many times the steel is awe inspiring! Congratulations on finishing it buddy, I know it's been a long and not so easy road. And I don't know about anyone else but I reckon I can see your face fuzz getting rather warm in the future!

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