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9 1/2 Clip Point Dueling Knife

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Hello this is Bernie again posting for my relative teypohsweepeehltseen "bo" who does not have access to internet.


Introducing "Teypohs'keemeechpahtlahnee" (iron bat/iron flying mouse) up for sale.

A small compact 9 1/2" clip point traditional dueling knife hammer forged in a clay charcoal fired forge from recycled d2 die steel. A very difficult task working with d2 steel in a charcoal fired forge. One of the only 3 knives bo has ever made from scrap steel made of d2/Die steel and those will most likely be the last. "Teypohs'keemeechpahtlahnee" was forged to have a heavier 4mm tang and a lighter, thinner 3mm drawn out blade keeping a majority of the weight in the center and back of the handle to maximize ease and speed of tip directional movement when parrying or striking.


This blade features a dueling-pistol grip style handle with traditional white tail deer rawhide sleeve and brass pinwork on hand carved handle. Carved from beautiful dead fallen Arizona Bigtooth Maple wood branch gathered years ago in eastern "Arizona's" pine/oak forest land. Handle was naturally sealed in beeswax/mineral oil/chia oil/juniper copal. This knife as well features a low-top sheath with white tail deer rawhide entry sleeve with near perfect retention for the sole purpose of fast, silent and easy quick draws and draw strikes. Sheath was made from old saddle leather, which was naturally sealed in beeswax/mineral oil/chia oil and then capped, riveted and adorned in traditional brass-work made from recycled antique brass


Bo is asking $800 + shipping for knife with sheath. Includes a canister of natural sheath and handle salve bo makes for his knives and basic sheath and knife warranty and care instructions. Sheath was made for a right handed, left hip, forward grip cross draw, or a left hip, left handed reverse grip draw. Belt loop can fit belts up to 1 3/4" wide. Send me a message if interested and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to share. Thank you











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