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Multibar seax (with wrought iron)

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I'm pleased to offer for sale another finished knife. This seax is very strong - suitable for heavy duty tasks like cutting branches, chopping wood.

More about how it was created you can find in this topic:



Blade is forged from 5 bars: 3 bars of tool steel 80CrV2 and 2 bars of wrought iron.


Handle: wrought iron, leather, deer antler, leather, plum wood, leather, wrought iron.


Ov. lenght: 390mm / 15,35"

Blade len. 256mm / 10,15"

Width: 30mm / 1,18"

Thickness at tang 5mm / 0,2"


I'm asking 199$ + 15$ shipping


If you are a guest here you can contact me via email: krylip (at) gmail.com

Pattern welded seax knife blade 13.jpg

Pattern welded seax knife blade 16.jpg

Pattern welded seax knife blade 18.jpg

Pattern welded seax knife blade 17.jpg

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This is awesome Kris. I wasn't REALLY looking for a Christmas present for myself, but......

I'll take it if still available. I will email to follow up.


Again, really amazing looking work, even before you consider it was all done by hand.




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Hi Kris,


Got your message. Just sent the rest of the info regarding the money transfer. Should be all set on my side.


Merry Christmas!



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