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I like kitchen knives because they usually get a daily workout, as opposed to a hunter that only gets used a few times a year. But then again, hawks are cool....:). Perhaps a poll is in order.


I'm looking forward to this.

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I am good with either tomahawks/hand axe or kitchen knives. I have been making a lot of kitchen knives lately, and keep struggling with some things - another will be good practice. On the flip side, I haven't made a good hand axe in forever.

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So it looks like the KITH themes so far have been

2011: blade with a story behind it

2012: folders

2013: axe/spear

2014: middle eastern

2015: puukko

2016: hardware store Bowie


I think a tomohawk/hand axe or kitchen knife KITH would be really cool.

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