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Rich Greenwood Demo- San Mai

Joshua States

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If anyone is interested in coming to Tucson for a good demo, The Arizona Artist Blacksmith's Association is holding this one in Tucson on Jan. 20, 2017


Details at: http://azblacksmiths.org/calendar/



Demonstrator: Rich Greenwood
Rich was on the series premier of History Channel’s “Forged in Fire”.
He was also on the most recent season’s episode for fan favorites. Rich will be demonstrating a “San Mai” style kitchen knife. San Mai is taking two, or sometimes more pieces, of steel and forge welding them together. Usually a harder steel is used as an inner core with a soft outer jacket to make a knife blade. Rich will explain the whole process and reasons for doing this, and then he will demonstrate it. You won’t want to miss this!

• Registration begins at 8 AM, the demonstration starts at 9 AM.
• Registration fee:
$15 for members
$20 for non-members,
Free for first timers (Non-members who haven’t attended an AABA event before or who have attended only AABA open forges).

• Potluck lunch at noon on Saturday.
• Tailgating is encouraged. Tailgaters, please consider donating to Iron in the Hat.
• Free horseshoes, RR spikes, cable, etc. from Ira’s scrapyard. Ira will have other stuff for sale.
• Smiths can forge after the demo on Saturday and on Sunday. Bring hand tools.
• Ira will have a BBQ and campfire Friday and Saturday nights. Bring meat and potluck dishes in a cooler.
• Camping and lodging will be available all weekend at Ira’s. Camp out, sleep on the floor, sleep in the
treehouse. Call him at 520-780-9076 to make arrangements.
• Bring things for Iron-In-the-Hat and Show-and-Tell. Don’t forget to put your name on anything you bring for Show-and-Tell.


All Day (Saturday)


Ira Wiesenfeld's Shop

1801 W Overton Tucson AZ 85737


“So I'm lightin' out for the territory, ahead of the scared and the weak and the mean spirited, because Aunt Sally is fixin’ to adopt me and civilize me, and I can't stand it. I've been there before.”

The only bad experience is the one from which you learn nothing.  





J.States Bladesmith | Facebook



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