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If anyone is interested in coming to Tucson for a good demo, The Arizona Artist Blacksmith's Association is holding this one in Tucson on Jan. 20, 2017


Details at: http://azblacksmiths.org/calendar/



Demonstrator: Rich Greenwood
Rich was on the series premier of History Channel’s “Forged in Fire”.
He was also on the most recent season’s episode for fan favorites. Rich will be demonstrating a “San Mai” style kitchen knife. San Mai is taking two, or sometimes more pieces, of steel and forge welding them together. Usually a harder steel is used as an inner core with a soft outer jacket to make a knife blade. Rich will explain the whole process and reasons for doing this, and then he will demonstrate it. You won’t want to miss this!

• Registration begins at 8 AM, the demonstration starts at 9 AM.
• Registration fee:
$15 for members
$20 for non-members,
Free for first timers (Non-members who haven’t attended an AABA event before or who have attended only AABA open forges).

• Potluck lunch at noon on Saturday.
• Tailgating is encouraged. Tailgaters, please consider donating to Iron in the Hat.
• Free horseshoes, RR spikes, cable, etc. from Ira’s scrapyard. Ira will have other stuff for sale.
• Smiths can forge after the demo on Saturday and on Sunday. Bring hand tools.
• Ira will have a BBQ and campfire Friday and Saturday nights. Bring meat and potluck dishes in a cooler.
• Camping and lodging will be available all weekend at Ira’s. Camp out, sleep on the floor, sleep in the
treehouse. Call him at 520-780-9076 to make arrangements.
• Bring things for Iron-In-the-Hat and Show-and-Tell. Don’t forget to put your name on anything you bring for Show-and-Tell.


All Day (Saturday)


Ira Wiesenfeld's Shop

1801 W Overton Tucson AZ 85737


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