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I followed somone's idea in another post, and found out their tale was true: You can by hardwood flooring samples from Lowe's for .25 cents apiece. The selection isn't large: light bamboo, dark bamboo, or eucalyptus.


I'm working on a knife right now that will have a dark bamboo handle. I've never used bamboo in this manner before. I've always used whole shafts for spear shafts, arrows, atlatl darts, and escrima batons. Cutting and shaping bamboo into scales is new to me.


Does anyone have any hints or tips on working with it? Which direction should the grain run? From point to pommel, or crossways?


At this point, I don't even know what I don't know.


When I get some pictures taken, I'll be sure to post them. This is from Lowe's website:




Personally, I think the eucalyptus is prettier, but this is what the customer likes and I aim to please.

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I believe the Bamboo is more akin to micarta ,and so it would not matter about the grain. I watched a video some where of how bamboo flooring is made, it's steamed shredded and compressed like plywood. Very tough stuff. If you can walk on it it ought make a decent handle.

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I actually used those exact flooring samples for my KITH knife last year. I would compare it to pakawood, but tough as Hell. Its impregnated with resin similar to stabilized woods. Had some interesting grain too.

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