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Aiden CC

Collaborative Tanto

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More than a year and a half ago I forged a small tanto blade, but for various reasons I never finished it and it wound up in the bin of misfit knives. One of my friends noticed it and expressed interest in finishing it, and that's how he got started on this project. He is familiar with woodworking and has tools for it, but not so much for metal, so he spent a day in my shop with me occasionally giving him guidance on what to do next. I'm working on a folder and a chef knife, so I had plenty to do while he was working on things.


His plan is to essentially make a shirasaya, though with an interesting wood and possibly some inlay/end caps. Today with me he fixed some problems with the blade geometry, did a rough polish up to 220 grit, made the habaki, and textured/cut the hole in a sepa. Here it all is:












Thanks for looking!

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Good start. I will suggest to look at original habaki to realize the thickness of the walls.

Thanks, Jeusus. I let him know and he's probably going to work on it today.


Also, he finished the polish on the blade yesterday and the hamon has an interesting "cloudy" look, although it gets a little close to the edge. I guess my heat treating back a year and a half ago wasn't quite dialed in (plus I was still using coal).



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You two are off and running. You could maybe reheat and quench. If you wanted to (not sure about how thick the edge is.


I have become more appreciative of tantos lately. This project looks like it will be a good one.

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