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The Autumn Grove Kotanto

Grant Saxman

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This is the first installment in my series of themed tanto, The Autumn Grove Kotanto.


My inspiration for this blade came in the form of the natural beauty of the forest and the changing colors of the leaves during fall. Drawing on the form of the mighty oak, this blade features a walnut shirasaya with cocobolo spacers that brings to mind the strength and stature of a full grown tree. The copper habaki has a traditional patina created by simmering in a hot niage solution. The speckled, rusty plum patina that the habaki takes on is reminiscent of vivid orange and brown leaves floating down amid the brisk autumn air. The blade itself has a simple yet elegant hamon composed of many ko-gunome waves. The hamon and blade were polished with natural hazuya and jizuya stones giving the hamon a very subtle and natural appearance.


OAL: 8.5" from the back of the tsuka to the tip of the blade

Shirasaya dimensions: 9.5"x1.8"x.85"

Blade width: 1.33" at its widest point

Blade Thickness: 1/4" at the munemachi with a distal taper to the end of the kissaki

Hamon: Ko-Gunome waves

Blade polish: Hybrid polish with hazuya and jizuya stones

Mountings: Habaki, Tsuka, Saya, Mekugi

Mounting Materials: Walnut, Cocobolo, Wenge, Copper

Blade Material: W2 with a differential quench in brine


The blade has a single wenge mekugi and can be completely dismounted for easy maintenance and sharpening. I wish I could do the hamon justice with my pictures, but I guess I am just a really lousy photographer haha... It didn't fully show up in all the pictures, but take my word for it, it's there.


I'm asking $950 USD OBO for it and it ships free in the US.

First to ask gets it, shoot me an email at YozakuraForge@gmail.com or PM


I'll be glad to answer any questions you have and would love to see your comments on the blade.


Thanks for looking :)




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