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Two Sica inspired exhibits from the museum in Ljubljana.


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It is true that I made them some time ago, but ....
Sica are forged from a hot iron, the cutting edges are slapping the cold.
The dimensions of the cladding on the horn: total length 43 cm, blade 32 cm, weight 420 grams.
Very well in the hand.
"Horse" is a tin bronze riveted with copper rivets two, lining of antlers riveted ........ and here the total new ...... rivets made of beech wood, glued.
That I am sure in the original rivets were also organic, if not from wood with a bone or antler.
The head is made of iron, riveted.
The second Sica has an overall length 40.05 cm, blade 28.05 cm, weight 480 grams.
Linings are riveted oak or beech wood studs, glued.
Hilt and pommel are riveted.
The blade is also tapping the cold.





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Nice to see these blades reproduced! Not so sure the translator got everything right ;) (slapping the cold? Quench hardened?)

Indeed! I think he meant hot forged to shape, cold forged to finish and work-harden.

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I realize its a bit late to come to the party, but, could I ask for your sources for the  dimensions given here?


Im just getting interested in sicae and would like to try and replicate some, at least as 3d models at first.

Also, did I understand correctly that these were made of low carbon steel?

Meaning, the edges are peened or cold forged with a hammer?



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44 minutes ago, Doug Lester said:

What goes around comes around


Like how the Bowie resembles the type III/II seax



"The way we win matters" (Ender Wiggins) Orson Scott Card


Nos, qui libertate donati sumus, nes cimus quid constet.

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