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Iron spears and javelins

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I really like to forge spears and javelins ... especially Celtic because to me what they achieved their championship this !!
I put some pictures, all carved by hand with a hammer.
The latter is 58 cm long and brews 580 grams.
Spear Karolingian with three balls is interesting and an awful lot of work put into it!








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those are wicked. good forging!

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Some nice shapes there. I particularly like the three-balls.

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lots of history there. Spears are the Rodney Dangerfield of the weapon world " they don't get no respect" lol . Thanks for posting them!Great work

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Spears with fishbone forge in two ways: one is the pin bones of a hammer and a further profiling leaves.
The second way is between two iron dies and 5 kg hammer.
I'm looking in the archaeological literature some confirmations on the train the other way ... but I can not find it.

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