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Let me see your knife vise

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As I mentioned in my previous post I am working on streamlining my tools and work flow. One area I see room for improvement in is in how I hold knives while I file or polish them. Right now I use a chunk of angle iron clamped in the bench vise with the blade clamped on top with a small c clamp. I would love to see what other people are using and hear any suggestions you may have

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Geoff those vises look great! do you use it for blade work or mostly for shaping and sanding handles? I do a lot of draw filing and hand sanding so I need something that will work well for that as well as handle work. How hard would it be to fit a removable blade support for a vise like that? Also do you line the jaws with anything to help keep the knife from scratching/ help it conform to the blade or tang? One of the areas I struggle is with my rhomboid puukko blades as they have no ricasso and in order to fit bolsters the tang has to be beveled the same as the blade otherwise the tang ends up being thicker than the blade bevels making it impossible to get a gap free bolster. All that to say that its hard to clamp a narrow diamond cross section tang so that the blade doesn't move when polishing and I wonder if the vise designs you posted would help?

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I use mine for both handles and blades, Mine is lined with leather. I also use several other things. I use a Jorgensen clamp clamped in a vice. I use a long piece of wood about an inch wide clamped in a bench vice to work on more flexible blades.


A long piece of wood with a "U" shaped staple is handy. The tang, or the blade, goes under the staple and a wedge (wood, micarta, hard rubber) is tapped under the stape to hold the blade. You do want to be careful with all of these. One of Don Fogg's students had a long blade clamped to a 2x4 support with about 4 inches of the tip overhanging the end. He turned to get something, turned back and drove 4 inches of blade into his chest. He was pissed because he missed the rest of the class.


The rotating vices are nice and a time saver


Someone made a ball and clamp setup with a bowling ball, kind of an engravers vice, and two rings. The ball was held in the rings, with a jack to change tension http://http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=bowling+ball+welding+table&qpvt=bowling+ball+welding+table&qpvt=bowling+ball+welding+table&qpvt=bowling+ball+welding+table&FORM=IGRE A vice attached to ball and you'd have a multi position clamp.



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