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Integral Explosion Damascus Kukri

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I finished this blade up today. I've been working on it for about a week, starting with three solid days of forge time.

The blade is 12.5" and about 1.75" at widest, and 5/16" or so at the spine/ricasso. The clip is sharp most of the way. It has chopping power, but is meant to be fast, and capable of a backcut if needed.

It is forged of 6 bars of twisted w's. The tip has been given the bird's beak weld treatment to preserve pattern flow, and the guard is forge welded on, in three pieces from the parent billet.

The handle is shaped from G10, with some lines that I borrowed from my dudes Jelle Hazenberg and Mareko Maumasi, both of whom sculpt kitchen knife handles excellently. Overall I wanted it to have the predatory yet sleek aspect of a panther, a shark, or even a fast motorcycle.

I am aware that it is not perfect, but it's another step on the way.

Thanks for looking!

I'll add a video tomorrow, after I manage to go shoot it in the daylight.
















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That pattern has a mystically mesmerizing liquid flow to it, and it blends perfectly

with the profile and secondary symmetry.

Excellent work !! ..................... B)

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Salem, I have been watching you for some time and WOW your work just continues to climb to new levels!!

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Yeah, what they said. That's purdy sho' nuff.

When I looked at that handle, I saw Anubis, the Egyptian jackal God.

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How does the handle feel? Not going to create hot spots with long use, right? Noth that anyone will use that beauty for long periods of work.


It is beautiful. I knew it would be when I saw the title.


You know I love and respect your work.

This is another one of those. Damn fine knife. Outstanding.

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This is a perfect example of when a blade should be assembled pre-etch, photos taken, dismantle, etch, final assembly, more pictures. That thing would look great as mono-steel, so start showing it with that impression. Then you get to drop the bombshell "oh, BTW, here it is after etch to show the pattern". Lure people in with something amazing, then really blow them away with the extra reveal. Not that this really needed to be amped up any.

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I felt the need to add a separate comment, this thing is just too cool.


I like and respect the guard. I know that getting a big, curved, guard like that opened up and fit to the blade takes a lot more effort and time than a flat-faced guard. But they add a LOT to the knife, in my opinion. I love that guard.

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