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Integral bowie with autumn leaves cast into the handle window


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This has been a prototype I've been developing for a while and am happy to finally show off!

Waterjet cut then forged 5160 blade with integral guard. Handle window contains dried autumn leaves suspended in alumilite. Next I'll be working on different versions of this with various blade styles and handle materials ranging from crushed egg shells to solid cocobolo to antler.


Leme know what yall think!

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that is a totally novel idea. I like the concept. I hope that people are interested, if you try to sell them. You might have good luck with that as a Chef's knife, if you got the handle really comfortable. I can see it being something that could appeal as a cooking item and also home decor. I guess the possibilities for the inside of the handle are almost endless, too. Is there anything inside the guard? I would put something for color inside of it, too. Maybe sculpt it a little more, so it is less blocky.


The blade looks great. Wickedly pointy, too.


I hope you don't mind the input.


So, please explain what the filler material and bonding agent is that holds the leave in place. I am not familliar with it.


cool concept.


Edited by Kevin (The Professor)

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I always appreciate input, thank you :)


The guard is filled in with epoxy to keep stuff from building up in there. People have been recommending some wild stuff for the handle and I love it all; animal teeth, bark, bullet casings, Legos is my favorite.

Alumilite is fairly new to me, and I am finding it to be a very picky epoxy when it comes to getting your ratios exact.


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I love that blade shape! Like Kevin said, super stabby. Your finish is also very clean. I can't say that I like the handle, BUT, I do applaud you for trying new things and finding your own voice. Keep it up :)

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer."  -Albert Camus


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