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Polished or subdued?

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I like a hand rubbed surface for most of my mono steel work




But I have recently done some stuff like this. Acid washed and stone tumbled.


IMG_0626 (800x533).jpg


I don't like a mirror polish, but then I'm also not a fan of buffers.



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I like satins. That being said, a good buffing in my part of the world does help with rust.

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I prefer the satin or something it the acid range you spoke of. I guess it depends if you are going to use it or just look at it. Mirror finishes are PITA and basically if you want to keep the mirror finish you have a show piece!! My O2!!

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For hard use I prefer a fine satin, around 1200 grit to minimize rust and friction during cutting. For looks, I like Japanese sashikomi finish (you'll have to google, I don't have a great photo).

This knife is an old knife with some combination of the two...



Most my user knives get a 5-600 grit satin though to keep the cost down.


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