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Leather wrap on hilt using only the leather itself.

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Been looking for days and it would seem everybody is lazy and ignorant in this style. I have a leather lace about a 15th of an inch thick by a quarter inch thick. I'd like to do a wrap around the hilt without using glue,rivets,screws or any other fastening device other than the leather. I hope somebody on this site can help by either demonstration or posting a link to a similar form of education on the matter.I have seen it done before and I have done it myself but i'd like to know more than one way of doing so. I currently have no sword to work on in practise so I am currently using a half inch by quarter inch bar of steel.


Best wishes-Nathaniel

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Wrapping leather directly over the tang, especially with no bonding agent, is generally a bad idea. Leather is relatively soft and will wear out with the constant pressure and shock of a tang.

For the definitive guide on the proper way to wrap a grip in leather, please refer to this glorious post written by one of our grand poobahs, Mr Peter Johnsson. https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=15010

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Sounds like he's looking for cord wrap instructions to use for leather but I could be wrong


Google cord wrap instructions you should find a ton of variations out there that can be applied to leather as well little tip depending on the leather you will eather want to use a preservative or baby powder to help the strands slide wile pulling or it won't tend to get as tight as it could that's an old whip braiders trick

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