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I got tired of fighting with my paper so I made a new sanding block.  I used a dollar store cutting board and misc hardware that was laying around.  The grooves on the sides were giving me some trouble so I got a little creative with how the block holds my paper.  It still needs some fine tuning, but it's working just fine as is:D




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Thanks guys!  It takes a minor amount of fanageling to get the paper tight, but it stay secure once I tighten either side down.  I've rounded the corners on the sides of the face to prevent the paper from creasing.  This has helped maintain tension during use.

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57 minutes ago, Brian Myers said:

Is it easier to hand sand with a stationary block and moving the knife? I've always thought it would be harder to get into the plunge lines and also keep the bevel even.

If the blade is small, and the sanding block is big, and the grind is flat, then I prefer a stationary block and holding the knife.

If the blade is bigger than the sanding block, it's too easy to rock it back and forth, so I prefer the blade stationary. 

For fullers and other convex sanding operations, I prefer the blade stationary.

YMMV and do what works for you.



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