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Cable damascus with caribou


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Cable damascus with perpendicular tang slotted into caribou antler with 3D printed cast bronze medallion. I filled in the gaps of the cable with clear epoxy I mixed gunmetal-blue mica powder into - I always hated how those little gaps were a magnet for all that bad stuff.


I made a bunch of these medallions, going to start throwing them on knives I don't want to filework my "N" onto.

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That's extremely cool, love the bolster and tang treatment.

Please come and waste some otherwise perfectly good time, looking at my knives!


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I think this is so unique and lovely piece. I would be lying if i said i will not be copying this form in one way or another!!! :rolleyes:

P.S. Hi All, this is my first post on this forum, and was excited by just how many great makers subscribe and post here. Well done to all. 

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