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Black bird and trout WIP

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This is something I've been working on lately. It's giving me a headache cause this is very challenging for my skills. Sorry about the picture quality. I am not good at taking photos.

Blade uhb20c

brass guard

spacer and pommel made out of some unknown iron

birch bark spacers between iron and wood

curly birch handle.

It's hard to take pics when you're forging so none of them sorry.

First is after some sanding and filing the guard and front spacer.

Second's roughing out the handle, blade is rust blued.

Picture 3 is the handle roughed out and desinging of the pommel.

Pic 4 is fitting the pommel.

Pic 5 is everything blued and a mock assembly.

Pics 6 & 7 are details from front and back.

I thought of securing the pommel with epoksy and a screw. Tomorrow I'll hopefully can try to glue this thing together. Hope I don't mess it all up.

Then there's sheath to make. All ideas are appreciated.










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This took a little longer to finish. I have a bad habit of starting new blades before finishing what I've been working on.

I decided to stain the handle with the same red brown leather stain as the sheath.

Sheath is veg tanned leather 2,5 mm thick. 

Carved raven skull and some knots.







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