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Ive been working on this for a friend in exchange for some print shop work he's doing. Working on the final polish of the blade now, trying to bring out a hamon (my first). The blade is 1095, 8" long and 2.5" wide, handles are going to be camatillo with ebony bolsters and brass pins. 



(templates, its on the bottom, it's big brother is on top, 10")IMG_0567.JPGIMG_0576.JPGIMG_0585.JPGIMG_0586.JPGIMG_0587.JPGIMG_0639.JPGIMG_0640.JPGIMG_0641.JPG

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Thank you all :) here's a little update to the progress- finished polishing up the blade and moved on to the handle- finished roughing out the shape with a rasp, on to lots of sanding next.



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Handle is done! First coat of linseed oil is on it, couple more of those and it will be ready to get an edge- the wood is a little more purple than what the pictures look like



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