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LEGO tanto


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San mai of wrought iron shell with 15N20 and 1095 cutting edge. Handle window contains LEGO bricks tumbled at random angles before being sanded down to show their cross-sections. Black cotton ito  with 3d printed cast brass menuki.


I've been having a lot of fun with these window knives, and have another half dozen in the works. 

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I saw the title of this post and seriously had no idea what to expect. I love the concept and the execution. I am developing a great respect for your creative application of materials and processes in your blades, Theo. Well done, as usual. 

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I saw the title of this post and said "it's gotta be Theo!"

I mean, who  else would think outside the box enough to put LEGO pieces into a knife? Looking great as always Theo. One of these days, you have to do a WIP of one of your creations for us. 

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What's the discoloration near where the guard flange meets the ricasso?

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