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Scythian iron,short swords.


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First scythian akinakes(foto o,c,d,e) modeled after the discovery of Rozbórz,Podkarpacie,Polska, dating V BC
Dimensions: 54.2 cm, length of blade 40,4 cm, handle length 14,4 cm, width of the blade at the base 5.7 cm, width 2.7 cm core of the handle, the head 2.3 X 6.7 cm, span of dace 7.4 cm, weight 743 gramm.

The second(foto z,f,g) handle is lined with moose antlers and carved out of the old iron.
Overall length 57 cm, blade width at its widest point 4.2 cm, weight 700 gramm.

The last (foto a, b) is 65 cm long and 390 grams.











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I'm impressed with your forging skills! The swords look amazing! I just can't imagine how to shape iron by forging to get such shapes of handles.

Jestem pod wrażeniem Twoich umiejętności! Miecze wyglądają niesamowicie! Nawet nie potrafię sobie wyobrazić jak można za pomocą kucia osiągnąć takie kształty rękojeści.

Edited by Kris Lipinski


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I love these.

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Hello Ibor. I am interested to know more about the use of the second sword(at the pictures) you recreated. Does it have specific historical name, and where could I learn more about the historical use of this design. Maybe you know some of this things or can redirect me to the right place. Thanks!

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