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hello guys! it's been a while :)  hope you are all doing fine!

so this is my last work, had the chance to fondle few seax repros at a recent knife show, so i decided to try and make myself one.

While forging i decided to go for a type I/II norse style, not really accurate but i like the outcome.

i recycled some leaf springs (i know it's frowned upon but hey all good for experience)

total length around 54 cm

blade is 38 cm

thickness around 5-6 mm

the handle is made out of brass, gabon ebony and walnut might try to carve it some of these days :) need to do some research on shapes and designs

it's a bit rough and not really polished, have some aesthetic errors i dislike so this one will be my personal one xD

well hope at least some of you like this one :) let me know your thoughts on it (bad or good i accept both)




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44 minutes ago, Kris Lipinski said:

Nice. Particulary the handle. I like that style. Btw. Are there grapevine branches in background? Must have been pretty old.

thx man!

yup grapevine branches, had to cut some old ones almost completely, will be good for the grill :)

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