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Viking knife

jake cleland

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Been playing with this between other projects. Blade is wrought iron with a silver steel edge - lots of fun to forge as I have wrought in 5/16ths square, and silver steel in 3/8ths round, so I cut a length of each, forge the steel square, grind a clean face on each piece, and basically set the weld with tongs in the forge, do a single pass with a hammer, and forge the blade. The whole process done in under an hour. Handle is poplar burl, which unfortunately doesn't like being carved too much, with copper guard plate and space, carved bog oak bolster, and a leather washer between the copper and poplar for contrast. Still needs a final polish, and maybe a copper butt plate, bail and ring, as well as a sheath, but I quite like it...


poplar viking wip 11.jpg


poplar viking wip 12.jpg


anyway, let me know what you think...

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Jake Cleland - Skye Knives


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I like it. If you go with the butt plate, bale, etc. then it will be a very fancy knife. I think you did a great job, and it harkens to another time!


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