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San Mai Skinner

Tim Tracey

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Little three finger skinner finally done. Wrought iron, Nickle, and 1084 San Mai. Copper liners and birds eye maple scales. 

I haven't posted here in a while but I haven't been idle. Just made some stuff I don't believe you folks would be too interested in. Is all. 



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I love it Tim. Really like the contrast between light and dark.  I would be interested to see what else you have made ESP if it is like this.




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I know it will sound a newbish question, but where did you incorporated the nickel? It is between the wrought iron and the carbon steel, right?

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Swallow skims over water

White snake spits its tongue

Four winds meet in valley

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Thanks. I don't have my other billet of this ready yet. It's welded up but I have no immediate plans for what it will be come yet. Thinking a hidden tang hunter. I'll post it once it gets there. The other work I've been doing lately is commission work, people up here like chainsaw chain Damascus (chainmascus as I call it). I think it's neat but probably not in everyone else's aisle of interest. 


The nickle sheet is the layer between the wrought iron on the top, and the 1084 on the bottom. Not a newbie question, I didn't explain it well in my first posting. 

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