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"Memento Mori" EDC/Bushcraft Knife

Adam Betts

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Hello, fellow smiths! I present for your consideration a little knife with a lot of personality.

I've made several knives lately that were intended to be my personal carry knife, but none of them really felt like MY knife, if that makes sense. I finally settled on this one.

The inscription is something I did on request for a knife that I made for my best friend last year, and I liked it so much that I made mine to match.
Also, I'm still on my wire-wrap binge, and honestly I like how it comes out so much that I don't see it going away any time soon. If I can get some slightly thinner wire, I'm going to try my hand at incorporating some decorative knotwork into the wire wraps as well.
I was inspired by a piece that Jake Cleland posted in late January to try a forged-in semi-guard-thing. I expected it to go horribly wrong, but I kept the heat pretty localized and only heated to reddish-orange to forge it with a tiny ball-pein. The rest of the blade stayed straight and true, and the guard is really comfortable when using the knife. This is a really awesome development for me, because aesthetically I generally don't like plunge cuts and grind lines on knives (bowies are notable exceptions) and having this sort of forged guard makes a small knife with full transverse taper much more comfortable in the hand.
The art on the sheath is original, but is based on depictions of ravens on Anglo-Saxon artifacts that I've encountered doing research for other projects.
One of my goals for this project was to try to combine aesthetic themes from the various cultures that have inspired my work over the years into something unique and different and meaningful (to me, anyway). Thanks for looking, and I look forward to reading your thoughts, comments, critiques, and/or questions!

Blade facts:
Length: 4 inch edge, 8 inch OAL
Thickness: 1/8" at the spine
Weight: 2.8 oz (without sheath)
Steel: W2 from Aldo, differentially hardened
Other materials: Cherry handle darkened with vinegaroon, brass pins, copper wire

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It is an appealing sturdy looking but classy knife that I get the feeling will only increase in appeal with use. I Realy like the sheath and feel it is well matched. Nice work.


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"Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes" - Tom HALL - Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon wine.


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I do like it, the forged finger platform, wire wrap, and seax style sheath, somehow they work together.

George Ezell, bladesmith

" How much useful knowledge is lost by the scattered forms in which it is ushered to the world! How many solitary students spend half their lives in making discoveries which had been perfected a century before their time, for want of a condensed exhibition of what is known."

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Thanks for the kind words, guys. Always appreciated! 

I was just re-reading this, and I think I need to work on keeping my posts shorter. That's a lot of words for a little knife. :lol:

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