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Forging and bevels


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It is very common to forge in bevels for knives. If the stock that you are using is thin from the get go, then it can be difficult to get bevels crisp and centered, but it's possible with enough hammer control. Daggers are especially a pain to make because you have to work both sides of each edge evenly, and you have to both angle your stock and your hammer. It has a lot to do with muscle memory in my experience. You just have to forge a lot of knives until you get a good understanding of the angles you hold it at. I have definitely made my fair share of "chisel ground" knives from working the edge unevenly and at the wrong angles. Beveling is very useful when making false edges on bowie knives, it saves a lot of grinding time. It is useful when making friction folders, too.

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How thin is the stock you're using?  

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Vernon, what problems are you experiencing? What is not working out? 

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