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"bog iron ore to steel"

Kekishev M

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Today was a good day. I took my class on a spontaneous field trip. Our quest, to locate and harvest some bog iron ore was a big success. All thanks to a fellow smith Karmo who provided us a quest map with location markers and an example of the desired loot. As a side bonus we found 50+kg of railroad memorabilia, that will all be forged into something fun and useful.

Next we need to build a pair of bellows.

Any suggestions on how best to prep the ore for the smelt?




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That looks very tasty! Please, post progress pictures. I think you don't want the pieces to be too small because they will travel through the charcoal too fast. I was thinking of collecting some black iron sands from the beaches around here and have been thinking to pebble it up with flower or something like that, exactly to prevent the sand just running through the charcoal without processing.

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Keep us posted! Haven't processed any bog iron personally so follow anyone else's advice. 

No one said this would be simple...

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Not a lot of progress, but I found a new plentiful deposit right in the city of Tallinn :)

A nice little walk turned into frantic digging under tree roots, mostly with my claws. Felt like a greedy dwarf for a second. 30+kg bog iron ore bagged. Hopes for a solstice smelt reinvigorated.


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