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Maringer Vorpal style tanto


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Hey guys, I was inspired by all of the cool Maringer pieces I've seen online lately to try and build my version.
I went old school with flared brass tubes and green micarta scales. The 8.75" blade is of course 3V with my high performance heat treat.
It balances perfectly at the ricasso.
The sheath is a front exit similar to the originals, and can be carried with a shoulder rig or works equally well on the belt.
I have never had the pleasure of holding a Maringer vorpal, so it is kind of cool to get to play with my version of one.
If I get Tom's blessing, I may make a few more of these.





Showing the sheath, it would need a proper shoulder rig if carried this way, this is with simple sling.


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This is a very cool piece. I see you're also in oregon =D i'm just getting started in the bladesmithing, i wish i could make it down to you guys next weekend for the show D=

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Looks very fine crafted tool. Hope the customer won't have the need to use it too often, however. It seems the idea of the design is quite blood-thirsty.

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