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Kris Lipinski

Big pattern welded seax with serpent

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Hi All!

I'm pleased to offer for sale a big seax with a serpent in the blade. It was fully hand forged of 80CrV2 tool steel, wrought iron and the serpent of 23 layers.

The handle is sculpted from: brass, leather, Hungarian Plum (the root part), leather and the big piece of wood is elm. Plus 3 copper pins. It is rather for a big hand.

Some dimentions:

Ov. len.  365mm / 25,9"

Bl. len. 239mm / 9,75"

Bl. wid. 32mm / 1,30"

Bl. thick 6mm / 0,25"


Asking 180$ and I think it is reasonable price. New price 170$

Shipping: 15$ standard, or 25$ express.

Contact via PM here or email me: krylip (at) gmail.com


I have also some other blades available here:


Pattern welded serpent seax 1.JPG

Pattern welded serpent seax 2.JPG

Pattern welded serpent seax 3.JPG

Pattern welded serpent seax 4.JPG

Pattern welded serpent seax 5.JPG

Pattern welded serpent seax 6.JPG

Pattern welded serpent seax 7.JPG

Pattern welded serpent seax 8.JPG

Pattern welded serpent seax 9.JPG

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Hi all :) Due to some needs I'm dropping the price. 170$ now. I invite to contact me if you like it.

krylip (at) gmail.com

or pm here

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Beautiful pattern! The handle looks comfy too :D

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Hi Kris,

not go deeper with the price !

I am sure, if you change the handle, the knife goes fast.


Nice work


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Thanks guys.

The handle is comfy - not fully historical, but rather interpretation. It is possible to grind it down to more historical shape - if someone wishes I can do it.

And the price is final - I reckon it is reasonable or even a bargain. :)

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