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And the crowd goes wild.  Or not.  This is the close cousin of the earlier one, I probably forged them about the same time.  No, I just realized, the first one is an old blank that had a really different form, more of a spear point, and I never liked it, so it sat in the rack :(.  I decided to re-grind the tip, and that happened about the same time as this one.

Another small bowie

BL 7.5"

OL 12.250

Steel 1080

NS guard and butt cap

Handle Indian Stag, Bloodwood and Osage

This one has a really different feel, very substantial in my hand, whereas the other forces me into a fencing grip, this one fills the hand for a cut.  There is a lot of texture to this one, I really like it.  This will be on the table in Eugene in a week.



IMG_0823 (800x533).jpg

IMG_0822 (800x533).jpg

IMG_0814 (800x533).jpg

IMG_0845 (800x533).jpg

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I like this one a lot! From the lines and shape of the blade to the texture you put on the butt plate!  Nicely done!

What did you use to color and finish that wonderful stag?

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Thank you!  I bought a pile (now sadly down to just a few pieces) of old Sambar stag a number of years ago.  The color is just how it came to me, and I think it's just surface oxidation, when you grind into it, it's white.


Just as an aside, my Wife's Grandfather was an early radio license holder, w7dj.  I'm told that it's still in use.



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I like the butt cap on this one... Good job.

p.s.(now i know that left me open for a cracker, but hey that is how i role.) (oh and i just realised i did it again.) Bahahahaha

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Man! i wish i could be in eugene this weekend to see that show =[, this knife is amazing. 

Are you going to be at the NWBA conference in may?

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