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Necropolis de Los Collados,Almedinilla,CELTIBERIA,iron dagger.


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Celtiberian dagger, based on a find from Almedinilla, Spain, dated 425 BC and 276 BC
Total length 41 cm, blade 27 cm, total weight 510 grams.
Riveted, oak cladding, riveted with iron rivets.



Celtiberi punal del hierro.jpg

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that is a great idea. I like the original and your interpretation. Please don't take this as critical, but I would like to see the sides of the handle (the wood and the steel) sanded to 400 or 600 grit with the scratches running lengthwise. It would be a little tight in the curves, and you would need a hard backer for the paper when sanding, but it would bring this dagger to a higher level.

I really like the work you have done here. I am not criticizing at all. I am just letting you know this in case you want to try it. It could help. People shared this info with me, and I am passing it on to you.


thanks for sharing.


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Kewin has no trouble, every critic is good!
I use sandpaper with gradations of 100 and 180 deliberately to leave delicate scratches .... the style I have.
In this case, the blade only sanded with sandstone and no paper so it came out.
Austin thanks.

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