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A while back, a coworker of mine gave me some truck leaf springs, and I cut a piece to forge into a full-tang clip point EDC. Unfortunately, I overdid correcting a slight warp near the tip and snapped it off, so I rounded off the end and made it more of a utility knife. I feel like I did fairly well forging it close to shape, though, and didn't need much grinding on the blade. Of course, I also like forge finish and hammer marks--it's kind of my aesthetic :P. I also soaked it in vinegar overnight to give it a bit of a patina. The handle scales are red oak that I shaped, inspired by a Scandinavian design, then dyed/distressed in a similar manner to my leatherwork, gave two coats of tung oil, and sealed with a soft wax. Not the prettiest thing, but it works--it already bit me, and I haven't put the final touches on the edge yet.









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46 minutes ago, Simonet said:

nice job, i actually like that shape more! :P what kind of wood is that?


Thanks! The handle scales are nothing special--just your regular hardware store red oak. Here is a picture of what the wood looks like before my post-apocalyptic treatment

red oak.jpg

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