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pattern welded spaulders

Kekishev M

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Not a blade, but maybe it is still interesting.

I made this spaulder? (there is only one, but spaulder is not a word is it?) for a jewellery and blacksmithing exhibition "Armour"

"Armour is an exhibition of conceptual jewellery and blacksmithing that takes place in the round gallery of the cannon tower Kiek in de Kök. Modern interpretations of medieval armour are presented through body jewellery and objects specially created for this project."

Started with a 9 layer billet, mild/65g/K600/mild/K600/mild/K600/65g/mild.
Working with coal, 5 folds gave me ~280 layers.
At this point the billet weight 1090 g.


It was ~160x80x10mm, I had to get it into 280x160x~2mm
Lots of fullering heats.

Before and after elbow grease was applied to the billet:


~10 heats from final shape.
the one on the right is the sketch.


One of many fullering heats to get the billet into desired dimensions.

And the final pattern


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I don't even know what this is, but the pattern there is pretty cool. One day, when i actually figure out what the hell i am doing i will try to make some pattern welded stuff. 

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Ive wanted to see someone try pattern welded Armour for a while. Good job, have you made the arming points for the spaulders as well?

No one said this would be simple...

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I would have loved to work on it for a couple of more days, maybe more, but the opening is on Friday so I had to hand it over today.
There was no point in adding the arm strap, because it would have just dangled there awkwardly.
I will add it later if I ever get it back.
It is very modifiable, nothing is permanently attached.




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