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21 1/2 inch spring steel blade with mild fittings and charred oak handle topped by a 20 side die as a pommel nut. I thought i'd just have a little fun this time, the next will be a little more historical. let me know what you think

DSCN2721 (480x640).jpgDSCN2722 (640x480).jpgDSCN2734 (640x480).jpgDSCN2735 (640x480).jpgDSCN2739 (640x480).jpg

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Nice, it may not be a looker but i am sure it would have been functional in the required times, when one must own such a sword. :)

Good job. 

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I started from a cube and with an angle grinder and file ground away all that was not a 20 sided die

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